The Importance of Wearing a Proper-Fitting Bra

The Importance of Wearing a Proper-Fitting Bra

Why is it important to have your Bra correctly fitted?? 

Do you get a sore back, neck and shoulders? 

Is your Bra uncomfortable?

Getting fitted properly should be one of the most important things you do in life.  So many people are wearing the wrong size Bra. 

To get fitted correctly your Bra size in 90% of ladies should be the size under,  what size you wear in a shirt.  Ex.. Size 14 Shirt = Size 12 Bra Back.

But this is too firm you say, the back of a Bra will give within a few wears, so to keep the support you require it needs to be firm to start with.

The cup then doesnt fit and I bulge out, yes because you need to go up in the cup as well.  When you go down in the back you must go up in the cup size..  Also remember everyone has one side bigger than the other, yes it is not only you.... You must always fit for the bigger side..

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