Maternity Bra - What Bras To Wear When Pregnant

Maternity Bra - What Bras To Wear When Pregnant

Well what an exciting time for you...Congratulations

How important is it to wear a good fitting bra while you are pregnant and while feeding....???   VERY IMPORTANT

At Bras in Paradise we have qualified fitters to help you get the right size and help you with what bras to wear when your pregnant.

You need to get out of Underwire as soon as possible, at least within the second trimester.  However everyone is different and you may find the underwire uncomfortable from the beginning.  Our fitters will always fit a maternity bra with a small amount of room in the cup for growth and when your milk comes in.  As all ladies are different you may wear the same size for your whole pregnancy or you may change size throughout.  This is another reason why that room in the cup can come in handy...   

If your bulging out of the cup this can affect the milk ducts and potentially affect your ability to feed.  

We sell lots of different Brands of Maternity Bras so you will always get the right shape and size to suit you.


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